At the Spina Bifida Coalition we strive to provide the information and resources that people with spina bifida, parents, relatives, teachers and caregivers require to understand the complexities of spina bifida and its related conditions.

What is Spina Bifida?

Spina Bifida is a complex birth defect with many associated conditions.  Click here to find a brief overview of spina bifida, along with a printable .pdf that can be shared with family, schools, camps and other care providers to help them understand what it is and basic accommodations and warning signs for children in their care.

Create Your Future Webinar Series

Create Your Future is an 8-part series of recorded webinars produced by the SB-Coalition in 2017 that teaches techniques to improve quality of life through setting goals and learning the methods and resources needed to achieve them. Click here for more information on the topics presented and links to recorded sessions and handouts.

Create Your Future is sponsored by the Hatton Foundation.


Touchpoints is a series of informational links that target issues that occur at developmental milestones: birth, toddler/pre-school, school age, teens and adolescence, and adulthood.  These resources address the challenges that occur in lifestyle and education at each of these transitional stages of life. The SB-Coalition has partnered with the Spina Bifida Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to also provide a physical packet of information when your child with spina bifida is born or adopted, including a gift card to help with travel expenses while your newborn is inpatient. Contact the SB-Coalition by email or call 513-923-1378 to request your newborn packet today. Only families who live within our 85 county service area are eligible to receive a gift card.

Books and Resources

The Jack Rubinstein Library at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has books about spina bifida that are available on loan. Click on this link to see a list of many of the books and videos that are currently in their holdings.

Links to Other Spina Bifida Related Websites

The number of resources on the internet seems limitless and still growing.  The SB-Coalition has compiled a list of links to some of the sites about spina bifida, its related conditions and other useful resources to help you navigate the extensive amount of information available.