Books About Spina Bifida

The following is a list of books about Spina Bifida available in the Jack Rubinstein Library at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Parents may stop in and check them out with a photo ID. Books may be returned in person or through the mail, by requesting an addressed envelope from the librarian at the desk.

  • Spina Bifida – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
    ICON Health Publications (RJ496 .S74 S65 2004)
  • Arnold Chiari Malformation – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
    ICON Health Publications (RJ496 .S74 S66 2004)
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: A Clinical Perspective
    by Joseph Palombo; Norton, W.W. & Company, Inc. (LC4704.5 P354 2006)
  • 123 Math
    by Jean Warren; Topline Publications (QA135.5 .W27 1992)
  • Family Math for Young Children
    by Grace Davila Coates; Lawrence Hall of Science (QA40.5 .C625 1997)
  • Cody’s Story: Living One Day at a Time with Spina Bifida
    by Janny A Dicken; Publish America, (RJ496 .S74 G5 2005).
  • Living with Spina Bifida: A Guide for Families and Professionals
    by Adrian Sandler; University of North Carolina Press, (RJ496 .S74 S26 2004).
  • Health Guide for Adults Living with Spina Bifida
    Spina Bifida Association, (RJ496 .S75 W3 2005).
  • The Official Parent’s Sourcebook on Spina Bifida
    by James N. Parker; ICON Group International, (RJ496 .S74 2003).
  • Activities for Gross Motor Skill Development
    by Jodene Lynn Smith; Teacher Created Materials, (RJ133 .S57 2003).
  • Caring for the Child with Spina Bifida
    by John F. Sarwark; American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, (RJ496 .S74 C2 2001). RESEARCH
  • Melodies of My Life: A Disabled Girl’s Journey to Womanhood
    by Denedria Renee Banks;, (RC935 .C43 2005).
  • Helping Your Child with Spina Bifida Learn: A Manual for Parents & Teachers
    by Angus Lloyd; Angus Lloyd Associates, (RC4231 .L5 1999).
  • Children with Spina Bifida: A Parent’s Guide
    edited by Marlene Lutkenhoff; Woodbine, (RJ496 .S74 C4 1999).
  • Managing Secondary Conditions of Spina Bifida
    by Kelli Grogan; University Affiliated Cincinnati Center for Developmental Disorders, (RJ496 .S74 G8 2001).
  • Managing Secondary Conditions of Spina Bifida
    by Kelli D. Grogan; KLM Productions, Inc., (VCH 228 2001).
  • What You Should Know About Your Child with Spina Bifida
    edited by Mark L. Wolraich and Marcia Henderson Lozes; University Hospital School, Division of Developmental Disabilities, (RJ496 .S74 W8 1985).
  • Answering Your Questions About Spina Bifida: A Guide from The Spina Bifida Program Department of General Pediatrics
    Children’s National Medical Center, (RJ496 .S74 A5 1995).
  • Spinabilities: A Young Person’s Guide to Spina Bifida
    edited by Marlene Lutkenhoff and Sonya G. Oppenheimer; Woodbine House, (RJ496 .S74 S6 1997).
  • Congenital Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Information About Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy…
    edited by Karen Bellenir; Omnigraphics, (RC48 .H4 V.29 1997).
  • Medical Facts About Spina Bifida
    Kennedy Krieger Institute, (RJ496 .S74 M4 1995).
  • Yes You Can: A Kit for Teens
    Spina Bifida Association of Cincinnati, (RJ496 .S74 Y4).
  • A Parent’s Guide to Spina Bifida
    by Beth-Ann Bloom; University of Minnesota Press, (RJ496 .S74 B57 1988).
  • Giant Steps: The Story of One Boy’s Struggle to Walk
    by Gilbert M. Gaul; St. Martin’s Press, (RJ496 .S74 G3 1993).
  • Students with Spina Bifida and/or Hydrocephalus: A Guide for Educators
    by Mary Meldrum; Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada, (RJ496 .S74 M5 1997).
  • Teaching the Student with Spina Bifida
    edited by Fern Rowley-Kelly and Donald H. Reigel; Paul H. Brookes, (LC4231 .T4 1993).
  • Right Under My Nose: A Book for Children with Spina Bifida
    by Claire Austin; Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, (J Aus C 2006).
  • A Shark Out of Water
    by Julie K. Halapchuk;, (J Hal J 2005).
  • Another Way to Go
    by Marlene Lutkenhoff; Spina Bifida Association of America, (J Lut M 2005).
  • All Kinds of Friends – Even Green!
    by Ellen B. Senisi; Woodbine House, (J Sen E 2002).
  • Christal: Coping with Spina Bifida
    by Karen Snyder Travis; Branden Books, (J Tra C 2001).
  • Patrick and Emma Lou
    by Nan Holcomb; Jason & Nordic, (J Hol P 1989).
  • Margaret’s Move
    by Berniece Rabe; E.P. Dutton, (J Rab M 1987).
  • Giant Steps for Steven
    by Carol J. Bennett; After School Exchange, (J Ben 1980).
  • Teaching the Student with Spina Bifida
    produced by The Spina Bifida Association of Western Pennsylvania; P. H. Brookes, (VCP 15 1993).
  • Supporting Persons Facing Secondary Conditions: A Guide for Families, Friends, and Direct Support Professionals
    by Kelli D. Grogan; KLM Productions, Inc., (VCH 229 2001).
  • Just Like Me?: Children Talk About Spina Bifida
    New England Myelodysplasia Association; New England Regional Genetics Group, (VCH 110 1993).
  • Spina Bifida and Brothers and Sisters
    University of Cincinnati Medical College Information and Communications, (VCH 67 1991).

This is a selective listing of the resources available on this topic. Contact library staff directly for further assistance.

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