Touchpoints is a list of resources targeting new issues faced at developmental milestones. We hope you will visit this page often as you/your child progress through your journey with spina bifida. This page offers website links that enable you to leave this site and go directly to the linked site. The links are provided to assist families in locating supports, services, and information related to living with spina bifida. The Spina Bifida Coalition, Inc. is not responsible for the content on or any links contained on these linked sites. Inclusion of these resources on this list does not imply personal experience with or endorsement of the organization or company by the The Spina Bifida Coalition, Inc., its Board of Directors or staff.


All Age Groups

Indiana INvestABLE Accounts 
Kentucky STABLE Accounts 
Ohio STABLE Accounts
West Virginia Able Accounts



School Age

Adolescents and Teens